#18 Jade Post Memorial Bear by Mook Rulz

Jade Post Memorial Bear by Mook Rulz

2018 Cairo Bear #18

Sponsored by: The Family of Jade Post

Description: The first bear that I thought of in memory of one of the greatest friends I had the pleasure of knowing, Jade Post.

About the Artist: MookRulz is originally from Cairo, New York and now working in New York City, creating and fabricating unique art. “I try to evoke some type of, or just any, response other than no interest at all. So my art tends to be somewhat dark and surreal and where these images come from…I have no idea! Being an embalmer by trade, some people think that I draw from my experiences in death care as inspiration, but actually there is no conscious collaboration between the two art forms.” MookRulz currently shows and sells his art throughout New York City.