#42 Blue Bird Bear by Sherry B True

Blue Bird Bear by Sherry B True

2018 Cairo Bear #42


Sponsored by: The True Family

Description: This bear was done to honor the True Family and the love of Blue Birds we have. It was one of my Dad’s favorite birds that he would sit and watch every year when they returned until the time the babies were hatched. The white birch and butterflies are also a part of the love of nature we all have for this area.

About the Artist: I am new to the designing and making of the bears this year. I was so excited to do a bear I did three! A bit of an undertaking the first time but with the help of Christie Hicks I was able to pull it off. My grandfather was a watercolor artist and his paintings are hung in all of the family’s homes, he is where my artistic talent comes from. I am looking forward to next year and creating more bears!