#21 River Relics by Heather L Martin

“River Relics” by Heather L Martin
2019 Cairo Bear #21

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Bottini Fuel

Description: This is a mosaic design featuring pieces of glass and ceramics harvested from the shores of the Hudson River. Each piece is intrinsically linked to local history. The proposal here shows a sampling of such Hudson River findings photo-manipulated into a mosaic. Pieces will feature glazes and designs from pottery and glasswork of yesteryear. This design utilizes recycled materials, reclaiming man-made objects from the natural environment and working them into a new art design. Like the famous sea glass of the ocean, the Hudson River imparts its own texture to the glass and pieces that rest within its waves and tides for untold years.

About the Artist: I have designed and painted well over a dozen fiberglass animals for area street art festivals starting with Horses Saratoga Style in 2007. Some projects I have worked on include Cat’n Around Catskill, What a Hoot, Rockin Around Saugerties, Hudson’s Best in Show, Cairo’s Bears n’ Butterflies, Rip Lives, etc. I am the proprietor of Martin Arts, an art and advertising agency providing a full range of graphic design and marketing services. I am a multi-media artist, jewelry maker, sculptor and writer. I have exhibited work throughout the area and beyond. I currently have wearable sculpture works in the Kaaterskill Fine Arts and Crafts Gallery in Hunter, NY. I have published written works under the name H.L. Martin, such as my novel The Patriot Vampire.

Martin Arts (2014 to present) previously (Martin Design) 2001-2012 – the business name that I operate under as an artist, also providing various graphic design and media recording services such as document preparation and transcription. I provide custom artwork, have designed book covers and book interior layouts for press, and provide a wide range of graphic design, illustration, and custom crafts. I often attend area art and craft fairs setting up my mobile gallery at these events.

Catskill Mountain Foundation – Gallery Assistant – 2015 – 2017 – I worked part-time with the Catskill Mountain Foundation’s Kaaterskill Fine Arts and Crafts Gallery, helping to hang and curate art exhibitions, book signings, consignment displays and often conducting the sales operations at the cash register.

Street Art: Cairo Bears 2018, Ursus Iris and Blue Paisley; Cat’n Around Catskill, 2018, Hop’n Meow; Hoot of the Owl, Coxsackie, Owlris. Cat’n Around Catskill 2017, Midnight Iris; Rockin’ Around Saugerties, Seahorse; What a Hoot 2017, Coxsackie, Autumn Evening and Owl of Us; Rip Lives, Windham 2010, Handyman Rip; Cairo’s Bears n’ Butterflies 2010, Ancient Forest Bear and Rail Bear”; Hudson’s Best in Show 2009, Sunny Days; Cat’n Around Catskill 2009, Hudson Channel Cat and Main Coon; Cairo’s Bears’n Butterflies 2009, Awake and Mountain Life; Cat’n Around Catskill 2008, Aquaricat; Hudson’s Best in Show 2008, Corn Dog and Oakdale Dog; Cat’n Around Catskill 2007, Rip Claw Winkle and Four Towns and a Tail, Horses Saratoga Style 2007, Nocturnal Landscape. This horse was featured the summer of 2008 at the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan.