#11 Bearly Winter by Jennifer L DeAngelis

“Bearly Winter” by Jennifer L DeAngelis
2019 Cairo Bear #11

2019-11-jennifer-l-deangelis-bearly-winter-1 2019-11-jennifer-l-deangelis-bearly-winter-2 2019-11-jennifer-l-deangelis-bearly-winter-3

Sponsored by:
The Fortnightly Club of Catskill

Description: This design is inspired by a photograph I took during the late October snowstorm a few years back. The autumn colors popping through the snow are quite rare and beautiful. This bear will be done with acrylic paint.

About the Artist: Jennifer DeAngelis studied art and design at the College of New Jersey. She is a photographer, sculptor, crafter and painter. You can follow her work on Facebook and Instagram, @JLDGallery.