#41 Mayor Dapper Dan by Jesse Bidwell

“Mayor Dapper Dan” by Jesse Bidwell
2019 Cairo Bear #41

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Sponsored by:
Maple Lawn Hotel

Description: This stylish, steampunk sheik bear is ready to hit the town of Cairo! Dressed to the “T” with his walking stick. He has a beard and trimmed handlebar mustache.

About the Artist: Jesse Bidwell is a Coxsackie native. She lives there with her son, Nate, and is a caterer Panera Bread in Glenmont. She has volunteered for multiple things over the years, but her main passion is the Coxsackie Riverside Festival. She has been involved and is co-chairperson since 2009. She remembers going to the festival when she was a child and how it focused on family and fun for all. Jesse and her son, Nate, are a part of the committee that wants to keep the tradition going for future generations.