#05 Cherry Blossom Maiden by Kae McGrath

“Cherry Blossom Maiden” (Sakura No Otome) by Kae McGrath
2019 Cairo Bear #5

2019-05-kae-mcgrath-cherry-blossom-maiden-1 2019-05-kae-mcgrath-cherry-blossom-maiden-2 2019-05-kae-mcgrath-cherry-blossom-maiden-3

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Living Structures Hal Zucker Realty Inc.

Description: My love for Japanese culture and Anime is what spurred my idea for this bear. She will have a cherry blossom designed kimono/yukata, with makeup details, making her the prettiest maiden of them all. Cloth and paint will be used in the making of my bear.

I’m planning on having her kimono have cherry blossoms on it. The parachute umbrella I will make sure to attach and order it in a sturdy enough material, and along with the kimono that I want to create for the bear. Basically my concept is what girls in Japan traditionally wear for festivals or to shrines for special occasions, those times are really times for those girls to shine and show off their femininity; just there beauty overall. I love Japanese culture and I think this would be really fun to do, just to see it “come to life.”

About the Artist: I’m Kae McGrath from Athens, NY. I’m 17 years old & I’d like to get in to the field of animation at some point in the future. Ever since I could pick up a pencil I have loved drawing ever since. I’ve always been into anime/animation since I was younger and love it just as much now! In October of 2017 I went into cardiac arrest and was hospitalized for two months. I’ve been in recovery since & this project has lightened up life so much for me and I’m so proud to be a part of it! I’ve also got the chance to make an owl for Coxsackie as well! I hope to design more statues in the next upcoming years for this wonderful project.