#23 Blackie by Regina Andrus Kazman

“Blackie” by Regina Andrus Kazman
2019 Cairo Bear #23

2019-23-regina-andrus-kazman-blackie-1 2019-23-regina-andrus-kazman-blackie-2 2019-23-regina-andrus-kazman-blackie-3

Sponsored by:
Pace Appraisals, Pacifico Valuations

Description: This is a typical black bear of the Catskills in his natural state, unadorned except for guarding his pot of honey. There’s something beautiful in simplicity.

About the Artist: My friend Eleanor Rowe Gentilini thought it would be a good idea for me to design and work on a Cairo Bear to help me through a time of grief after losing my husband. And it has been. It gave me a new interest, and was fun working with and learning from her, as this was my first Cairo Bear. I always used to check them out when in Cairo. I took pictures of them and showed them to my husband when he was in Greene Meadows. He enjoyed looking at them. I think it’s a great idea for the town.