#42 Tropical Frog Rainforest by Sherry B True

“Tropical Frog Rainforest” by Sherry B True
2019 Cairo Bear #42

2019-42-sherry-b-true-tropical-frog-rainforest-1 2019-42-sherry-b-true-tropical-frog-rainforest-2 22019-42-sherry-b-true-tropical-frog-rainforest-3

Sponsored by:
The True Family

About the Artist: I am new to the designing and making of the bears this year. I was so excited to do a bear I did three! A bit of an undertaking the first time but with the help of Christie Hicks I was able to pull it off. My grandfather was a watercolor artist and his paintings are hung in all of the family’s homes, he is where my artistic talent comes from. I am looking forward to next year and creating more bears!