#40 Brewin’ Bavarian by Theresa Rowe Obert

“Brewin’ Bavarian” by Theresa Rowe Obert
2019 Cairo Bear #40

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Sponsored by:
Crystal Brook Mountain Brauhaus

Description: This bruin is enjoying some pretzels and brew in traditional garb. Although the artist has only visited Germany a couple of times, she is inspired by attending German beer fests and visiting the Round Top resort area. Ancestry shows that she and her spouse both have great-great-grandparents from the old country.

About the Artist: Since 2010, Theresa Rowe Obert has been designing creatures for public art. “Beatrice Loves Bees” and “Bacchus Bear” plus “The Right Bear for the Job” were among her projects in 2018. In addition to Catskill Cats and Coxsackie Owls, she has been involved with public art exhibits for The Hudson Valley towns of Highland, Saugerties, Ravena-Coeymans, Greenville, and on the Mountain Top. Formerly from Greene County, she graduated from Windham-Ashland-Jewett Central School, Ladycliff College and Fordham University holding a BS. in Art and M.S. in Education. After teaching elementary art and academic subjects for a number of years, she was a freelance artist for publishing companies, taught adult ed. classes and worked with senior citizens. She currently resides in Connecticut.