#25 Brother Benedict by Theresa Rowe Obert

“Brother Benedict” by Theresa Rowe Obert
2019 Cairo Bear #25

2019-25-theresa-rowe-obert-brother-benedict-1 2019-25-theresa-rowe-obert-brother-benedict-2 2019-25-theresa-rowe-obert-brother-benedict-3

Sponsored by:
Spirits of Cairo

Description: Brother Benedict is dressed as a Benedictine monk who has just prayerfully uncorked a bottle of special bubbling champagne. As legend has it, champagne is associated with Dom Perignon and the Benedictine Abbey. This bear design was requested by its sponsor.

About the Artist: Last summer, Theresa Rowe Obert painted “Bacchus Bear” – the bruin god of wine for this sponsor. She was also involved with Cat’n Around Catskill, What a Hoot – Coxsackie, Sailing Around Saugerties, and Town of Lloyd’s Tiny Trolleys doing a number of street art projects. Although she now lives in Connecticut, she was raised on the Mountaintop. After college and career commitments, she has returned to working in The Arts, often visiting The Catskills.