#24 Honey Spirits Bear by Theresa Rowe Obert

“Honey Spirits Bear” by Theresa Rowe Obert
2019 Cairo Bear #24

2019-24-theresa-rowe-obert-honey-spirits-bear-1 22019-24-theresa-rowe-obert-honey-spirits-bear-2 2019-24-theresa-rowe-obert-honey-spirits-bear-3

Sponsored by:
Spirits of Cairo

Description: Suggested by its sponsor, this bear is wearing a barrel oozing with honey. It appears to have contained some popular honey whiskey. A number of bees are joining her as she licks the honey dipper. Don’t get stung!

About the Artist: Theresa Rowe Obert created “Beatrice Loves Bees” plus two custom-designed bears for Cairo. She also painted two cats, an owl, a sailboat and a trolley car for other public art projects in neighboring towns in The Hudson Valley. A former resident of Greene County, she graduated from Windham-Ashland-Jewett Central School, Ladycliff College and Fordham University holding a BS. in Art and M.S. in Education. After teaching elementary art and academic subjects for a number of years, she was a freelance artist for publishing companies, taught adult ed. classes and worked with senior citizens. Currently, she resides in Connecticut.