#38 Johnny Rocket by Theresa Rowe Obert

“Johnny Rocket” by Theresa Rowe Obert
2019 Cairo Bear #38

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Sponsored by:
The Kuever Family

Description: This bear was created as a memorial to local resident, John Kuever, at the request of his family. For many years, John was a popular chef at many restaurants and resorts in the area and was nicknamed Johnny Rocket. His uniform was used to dress this bear in Round Top.

About the Artist: Growing up on the Mountaintop, Theresa Rowe Obert spent high school and college years working in a number of Catskill Mountain resorts. She later attended college to become a teacher then worked with The Arts in various occupations in Westchester County and Connecticut. For the past several years, she has returned to the area to participate in the street art projects such as Cairo Bears, Cat’n Around Catskill and Sailin’ Around Saugerties. This season, she completed 4 bears, 3 cats, 2 trolleys and 1 sailboat.